Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photo Thursday - Meet Q

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Harry and I are settling in really well at out new home, sometimes Harry is a bit unsure but he found a good place to nap in a wardrobe. I have been outside, I was a very brave cat and ventured into the shed but then I forgot where I was a freaked out, Mama picked me up to take me inside but I thought she was a stranger so I hissed and scratched at her. Once I was inside I remembered that we had moved and gave Mama a cuddle, I felt bad for hurting her but she says it's OK because sometimes new things can be strange and scary.

As for getting on with the others, I being a very affable fellow have no problems with anyone at all. Harry has remembered that Tabby is his arch-nemisis so he has been hunting her. We keep them apart. Raji just doesn't care either way about us kittehs but he has forgotten who Mama is - this is very rude considering she was the one who made him part of the family! -  but we think he is remembering her slowly.

And of course we cannot forget Q - we have the best chasing game ever up and dowm the wooden floor in the hall and she tussles with me. We are great friends. She has also been playing in Harry's scratching pole and been making funny faces for the camera!

Anyway we won't be blogging until next week sometime because Mama is going back to Sydney to collect the rest of our things. In the meantime Gammy will be looking after us - extra snacks!

Also if you are a regular visitor to my blog and I haven't included you on my list of blogging friends and you want to be on it, please let me know and I will get Mama to update it.

Love and Purrs,
Winston x


  1. Moving is very stressful and unsettling, isn't it? We haven't moved anywhere since our human adopted us, but we can imagine how difficult it could be. We hope everyone settles down and settles in soon, remembers who your mum is, etc. :-)

    Purrs and smooches to all!

  2. That is a fun tunnel-scratcher Q is in. Have lots of fun playing together.

  3. Awww adorable Winston!!! We hope you and Harry continue to get used to your new place! We love meeting Raji, Tabby and Q!! You are all sure to be great friends and once you are all settled and happy, then all will be well!

    take care

  4. We know this has been a difficult time for you guys, but we're glad you both are settling in and starting to play with your cousins...Q is a gorgeous, playful girl and we're sure you will have lots of fun together...Give your other cousins a chance since it's a tough transition for everyone, but we hope you all will be best friends before long...Safe journey to your Mama...kisses and hugs beautiful friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Hi Winston
    This is our first visit.
    WE understand how moving could be stressful and scary. It will take a bit of time but you'll see you'll love your new place.


  6. Hiya Winston! We're glad to hear you're all settling in. It is stressful, but that'll go away soon enough.

  7. Moving can be scary especially when you don't know your suroundings. I'm sure your momma understands. Hang in there, soon it will be home.

  8. I'm glad you're settling in so nicely!! Behave yourselves and we will see you when Mom gets back!!!

  9. Hi Winston! We are glad that the move is not too upsetting and we totally understand about forgetting where you are. But it sound like other than that things aren't going to badly, which is great!

    Oh, we would love it if you added us - we are slow to visit sometimes, but we do always try to make it by! Our link is in our profile!

  10. Hi Winston. We're so happy you all are adjusting to your new home well. It can take time to become totally comfortable.

  11. We are glad you are settling in, it can take a little time...

    That fun tunnel looks like a blast! We would love to zoom in and out of it.

  12. I'd love to be on your friend list~

  13. glad you're settling in. I love your picture. I hope you'll get a chance to stop by my blog when your mom gets back from her trip.

  14. I didn't has a puter for a few days cuz my peeps were gone, so I guess I either didn't knows bout your move or I forgot! he he - I do get forgetful somettimes. Anyway, I'm happy you are settling in. I'd love to be on your friends list.

  15. Two leggers don't always like moving either. It can be very unsettling. Hope you settle in easy. I would gladly vote for you, you have so much personality! Do I have time to become Australian for a few days? I would but only if I don't have to eat vegemite, :)

  16. Hi Q - love your name.

    Hope you are all having fun exploring your new home and are all getting along fine.