Wednesday, April 28, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Q in Q's Jumper

 Q feels the cold badly so Mama knits jumpers for her, she will need them now she has moved to Victoria where it is very cold. This one is coming apart so Mama is going to make a new one this year - any colour suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two For Tuesday...

We have been a very naughty boys. Last night while mama was sleeping we broke into the snack box and ate all the cravers, usually we wake mama up at about 5.30am for breakfast but this morning we didn't cause we were full, when she did wake up we didn't ask for breakfast cause we were still full! Mama didn't know why until she found the snack container on the floor broken open and empty, she didn't seem too happy but I don't know why because we organised our own breakfast and didn't wake her up, she should have been pleased.

Anyway after all those cravers the two of us needed to take a long nap...

Hope you are all having a tuna-terrific Tuesday!
*purrs & nosetaps*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

PhotoHunt: Addiction

This weeks theme for PhotoHunt is addiction. Being the good kitteh I am, I do not have any addictions but Mama on the other hand has a very expensive addition - shoes, more specifically shoes that are on sale so I suppose it is not as expensive as it could be. She often likes to share her bargain buys with her friends so she takes a picture to send to them, this is when I like to offer my services as an artistic director.

Have a purrfect (long) weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Furtastic Friday - My Extended Feline Family

The other day I told you all about my cousin Raji who found his forever home with Gammy & Gampy, so I thought I would tell you about my two other cousins today. They live with Gammy & Gampy down in Victoria now but before they lived 3 hours north of Sydney so Harry & I would go and visit them a lot and for quite a while we even lived with them so we are all friends.


Q was found by Gampy in his work shed. She was only a couple of weeks old and she was all alone. No one knows how she got there and because she was only a tiny baby of course they had to keep her. She is almost 5 years old now and is a real trouble maker. I don't think she likes Mama much because everytime she sees her she just stares and stares at her.


Tabby was advertised in the local paper for several weeks as free to good home. Mama insisted that they go see her because why would someone get rid of a perfectly good tabby cat. She was very loved by the lady there and but they were going on a long holiday (several years) and couldn't take her with them. The man said he didn't know what to do because no one would take her and they might have to get her put down. Enought said, of course Mama and Gammy took her on the spot. She is almost 9 now but sadly she has breast cancer on all of her teats, it is too far gone and the surgery is very invasive. The vet said she wouldn't last long but she has lasted for 3 years and is really enjoying her new home, it has given her a second lease on life she happy, playful and a real loving cat.

Have a fabulous furtastic friday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photo Thursday - Dirty Harry

Well last week Mama embarrassed me by showing a picture of me getting into the Krispy Kremes so I think that this week we should embarrass Harry. Here he is when we went to see Gammy & Gampy after getting out in the garden, he has ruined his best suit by rolling in the dirt!

Hope you all have a thrilling thursday!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Wikibana

We forgot it was Wordless Wednesday so we are posting twice today!

WINSTON WEDNESDAY - Mmmm Fried Eggs & Bacon _^..^_

Firstly Mama wanted to say THANK YOU for all the kind words about my cousin Raji, he is such a wonderful kitteh and a wonderful addition to our family of felines.

Secondly HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAMMY! I love you lots and lots and miss you now you live down in Victoria, come and visit me soon (and bring treats please!).

Today for Winston Wednesday we have been searching through Esty for another exciting item to add to my wishlist and because it is morning I was in the mood for some Bacon & Eggs and look what I found in K.Grant Designs shop. It's Fried Eggs and Bacon Cat Nip toy - wow that is the best of two worlds right there catnip and bacon yummo!

Hope you have an wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Raji's Forever Home

Today I am going to tell you about my cousin Raji. He wasn't always my cousin, he used to be my neighbour when we lived with Gammy & Gampy, but then his family moved away. I don't know where they went but I don't think Raji liked it there because he came back. Gammy called his mum and she came back and got him but he must have hated it there because he came back again and stayed because his mum never came back t get him again. He foraged around for food and lived out on the back porch of the empty house for a long time. Mama felt so sorry for him so she started leaving food out the back for him because she didn't want him to go and catch the native animals for food. After we moved out Gampy couldn't stop feeding him and during winter was taking out warm porridge! But they were not keeping him because they had 3 cats there.

One thing Raji wouldn't stop doing though was getting in fights with other neighbourhood cats then last Christmas Eve when we were home for the holidays Mama got up and found blood everywhere out on the back patio, she found Raji and he was almost dead. He had got into a fight so bad that most of his scalp was ripped back and his mouth and nose were bleeding. Mama said that they had to do the right thing and take him to the vet, Gammy agreed. They thought he would have to be put to sleep but the vet said otherwise.

They fixed him up and "fixed" him up, he got his shots and within a couple of weeks Raji was a new cat. He moved into the house with the other cats (there were only two now because Jess went to kitteh heaven) and then moved interstate with Gammy & Gampy and is loving his new forever home. Mama says that she thinks that Jess played a part from above in getting Raji beat up so bad that we would realise that he wasn't a stray we fed but a real part of our Family.

Hope your Tuesday's if terrific!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Madcat Monday - New Toy

Mama went to shops today and came back with excellent presents for us boys! First there were some Salmon & Tuna Tempter... yummo. And then there were these fabulous little mices...

Harry is very interested in the mices:

So I come over to have a look:
Finally they come out of the packet:

Hmmmm it's really not that interesting:

OK I admit it is interesting:

Harry lets his usually cool demeanour down and gets silly:

Oh they is excellent for chewing!

But it all turned out to be a trick to distract us so she could give us the evil fleagle tablets... Mean Mama!

My new friend Old Kitty asked where you can vote for me for the Whiskas competition. There is a link on the top of this blog which says Winston For Whiskas or you can just click here.

We were thinking of resigning after some kitteh's hoomans used BOT's to get votes but Whiskas has looked into the problem and made it back into a fair race, so please vote for me because I am pledging $1000 to kitteh charities if I win. (I haven't decided which charity but I am thinking of splitting it to help kittehs in various countries not just Australia because a lot of my fans are in USA and UK) Thank you to everyone who has voted and remember you can vote once a day if you would like.

Have a magnificent monday,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

PhotoHunt: Covered

Mama found a fun new game over on Raymond & Busby's blog and we love photos so we have decided to join in the fun of PhotoHunt. This weeks theme is covered:

*purrs & nosetaps*

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vote-A-Thon is Over!

So I had my vote-a-thon to raise money for Cat Protection NSW and I with the help of all my friends out there in Internet world I raised AU$9.40 - that is 47 generous votes from you all. Mama is going to match what I raised dollar for dollar and is rounding up so the final donation is AU$20.00. I know it is not the hugest donation in the world but when it comes to kitteh rescue and protection every little bit counts.

Mama has also said that we have to include Harry from time to time (no idea why, he is no way near as friendly as me) so I am posting a picture of the two of us together:


Friday, April 16, 2010

Furtastic Friday - Cat Protection NSW

MIAOW! Hi everyone hope you are having a furtastic friday. I went missing in action this morning, which is a hard thing to do in a one bedroom apartment, but it was just that mama wasn't looking very hard for me. She has a doll's bed that she got when grammy and grampy moved that she is meant to get rid of, luckily for me she hasn't got round to it and now I have claimed it as my own.

Well I am still hoping to get my Whiskas dream and so now I am going to be a corrupt kitteh and buy votes (not really). Actually we have decided that for every vote we recieve between 12 noon Australian EST today(which is pretty much now) and 12 noon on saturday Australia EST we are going to donate AU20 cents to The Cat Protection Society of NSW . As you all know Cat Protection Society is a great organisation that has an adoption centre for kittehs, welfare services, information and products to keep us all happy and healthy.

So please vote for me at: and help the kittehs at the The NSW branch of The Cat Protection Society.

Have a furtastic friday,

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WINSTON WEDNESDAY - Neat cat nests _^..^_

Mama is a huge fan of Etsy and I like looking over her shoulder and seeing the fabulous offering for kittehs like me from around the world. Today I have been sleeping most of the day so I thought it would be great to pick something that would be comfy to sleep in!

This hand knit felted cat napper by Wrapt is fantastic and made with real 100% Peruvian Highland wool - wool is always best to make a good cat nest in - and it has a cool trim that you can snug down into. We are adding it to our favourites - maybe for my birthday (hint hint Mama).

Anyway please don't forget to vote for me here because I will be donating AU$1000 to a feline charity if I win.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To Winston's World

Hello, my name is Winston and this is my new blog. I am a ginger moggy who lives in Sydney, Australia with my Mama and my big brother Harry. I am 3 years old and I love to cause trouble.

My goal is to win a chance to become the face of the new Whiskas Oh So... Meaty & Fishy campaign but to do this I need votes from the public. It is very easy, just click here.
But it is not just about me winning the prize, we want to make sure that other people have fun and that people are more aware about cat adoption and desexing of cats to ensure that all the kitties out there can live a life of love and security like Harry and Me.

Harry, my brother is 10 years only (he just had his birthday in March) and he has been so very important to Mama. She rescued him from the RSPCA where he was one in a litter of moggie kittens that had been dumped, at the time mama was a little bit sad and having Harry in her life gave her a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

My story is a little different, I came from a pet shop in a mall. Mama doesn't support pet shops but I was in the window and she fell in love the second she saw me, she didn't get me straight away because she really didn't want to buy from the pet shop but the more she thought about it the more worried she became that I wouldn't get bought and end up being sent to the RSPCA when I was too big to sell and that I could end up on death row, also she thought I was being traumatised by being handed around to lots of strangers, I was very stressed out about all the kids poking at me. She came back the next day and got me, ever since then I have been by her side. Harry was not pleased to see me when I first got here (actually he never seems to pleased to see me) but we get along well (most of the time) and we are spoilt rotten by Mama.

Anyway I am off for a catnap now but come back tomorro for Winston Wednesday.

Purrs and smooches,