Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WINSTON WEDNESDAY - Mmmm Fried Eggs & Bacon _^..^_

Firstly Mama wanted to say THANK YOU for all the kind words about my cousin Raji, he is such a wonderful kitteh and a wonderful addition to our family of felines.

Secondly HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAMMY! I love you lots and lots and miss you now you live down in Victoria, come and visit me soon (and bring treats please!).

Today for Winston Wednesday we have been searching through Esty for another exciting item to add to my wishlist and because it is morning I was in the mood for some Bacon & Eggs and look what I found in K.Grant Designs shop. It's Fried Eggs and Bacon Cat Nip toy - wow that is the best of two worlds right there catnip and bacon yummo!

Hope you have an wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Those are so cool! "Food" and nip all in one toy!
    xx Lounge Kats

  2. I so want one - oh ok - Charlie wants one too as well!!


    How clever is that??

    Aww Happy birthday Gammy and hello Raji!!!

    Take care

  3. Do want!!!

    Happy birthday to your Gammy!

  4. I'll have my nip egg no time!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Gammy~!!! And those 'nippers look DE~LISH!