Friday, April 16, 2010

Furtastic Friday - Cat Protection NSW

MIAOW! Hi everyone hope you are having a furtastic friday. I went missing in action this morning, which is a hard thing to do in a one bedroom apartment, but it was just that mama wasn't looking very hard for me. She has a doll's bed that she got when grammy and grampy moved that she is meant to get rid of, luckily for me she hasn't got round to it and now I have claimed it as my own.

Well I am still hoping to get my Whiskas dream and so now I am going to be a corrupt kitteh and buy votes (not really). Actually we have decided that for every vote we recieve between 12 noon Australian EST today(which is pretty much now) and 12 noon on saturday Australia EST we are going to donate AU20 cents to The Cat Protection Society of NSW . As you all know Cat Protection Society is a great organisation that has an adoption centre for kittehs, welfare services, information and products to keep us all happy and healthy.

So please vote for me at: and help the kittehs at the The NSW branch of The Cat Protection Society.

Have a furtastic friday,


  1. he he - I just finished reading your blog and comments, then walla - out comes another post. I'm so fortunate to be the first to see your new bed - very cool and I'm jealous!! You looks like royalty.

  2. Wiki, you look so adorable in that bed, it fits you just purrfectly!...You are such a handsome boy...Happy Friday sweetheart, kisses to you and Harry!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We voted for you, Winston.

    The Cat Blogosphere:

    It's place on the web where people who blog about their cats, or cats who blog about themselves, share info and link to their own blogs. You can add your birthday, Gotcha Days and celebrate them, there are contests sometimes (like the 2010 Cat-O-Lympics a lot of us participated in), etc. Right now there are between 50 and 60 blogs, on average, linked from the Blogosphere on a daily basis. (You have to add your daily post link each day, it's not automatically added).

    I joined oh, in January, I think. I'd been blogging for months, just for family/friends, then I stumbled across someone's blog and saw their CB graphic. Checked it out and "joined." There's no official membership, but you can email and be added to their calendars, etc. I went from no followers to about 4 to dozens, in a very short time.

    There are all kinds of blogs, too. Not every blog is to someone's personal taste, and that's okay. It's all in fun!

    This donation you are doing: That would be the perfect thing to add as a news story. They will post it on the main CB blog page, which is updated daily. It's a great way to bring more visitors to your site.

    Check out the link. There's no obligation to post every day or to post certain daily themes, though it's common. I do sometimes, other days not. :-)

  4. Hi Winston. Nice to meetcha! Your little bed is perfect. I hope your mom does not get rid of the bed, because it is very cool.

  5. Hi Winston! You've got a pawsome bed there!
    I went over and voted for you!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me a Happy Purrthday!
    ♥ Maggie May

  6. I Winston, very nice to meet you! I went right over and voted for you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Winston, very nice to meet you. You are made of purest orangey goodness. That's a super bed you have there. We voted for you!

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. Hi ya, Winston! It's so nice to meet you! We think that's a pretty cool bed you have there!! We'll go vote for you!

    See you around! Come visit us sometime!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  9. Wiki, isn't it fun to go MIA....missing in action......gets our mama's attention!!!!! Andy is the king of hidey-holes at our house and often goes missing.

    You are a very handsome mancat.

  10. Hi Winston,
    It's nice to meet you! We just voted for you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

    Pee ess, Mom is partial to red/ginger kitties.