Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WINSTON WEDNESDAY - Neat cat nests _^..^_

Mama is a huge fan of Etsy and I like looking over her shoulder and seeing the fabulous offering for kittehs like me from around the world. Today I have been sleeping most of the day so I thought it would be great to pick something that would be comfy to sleep in!

This hand knit felted cat napper by Wrapt is fantastic and made with real 100% Peruvian Highland wool - wool is always best to make a good cat nest in - and it has a cool trim that you can snug down into. We are adding it to our favourites - maybe for my birthday (hint hint Mama).

Anyway please don't forget to vote for me here because I will be donating AU$1000 to a feline charity if I win.

Hope you are having a great Wednesday!


  1. Winston, we love ETSY too. Those beds sure look cosy, but of course if my mum bought me one, I wouldn't sleep on it.

  2. It's true Poppy! Grampy bought me a mat today at ikea to use as a scratching mat... I am ignoring it, the nerve that someone should suggest I use something other than the couch!

  3. What a cool place to nap! Etsy has some of the greatest things!!