Monday, April 19, 2010

Madcat Monday - New Toy

Mama went to shops today and came back with excellent presents for us boys! First there were some Salmon & Tuna Tempter... yummo. And then there were these fabulous little mices...

Harry is very interested in the mices:

So I come over to have a look:
Finally they come out of the packet:

Hmmmm it's really not that interesting:

OK I admit it is interesting:

Harry lets his usually cool demeanour down and gets silly:

Oh they is excellent for chewing!

But it all turned out to be a trick to distract us so she could give us the evil fleagle tablets... Mean Mama!

My new friend Old Kitty asked where you can vote for me for the Whiskas competition. There is a link on the top of this blog which says Winston For Whiskas or you can just click here.

We were thinking of resigning after some kitteh's hoomans used BOT's to get votes but Whiskas has looked into the problem and made it back into a fair race, so please vote for me because I am pledging $1000 to kitteh charities if I win. (I haven't decided which charity but I am thinking of splitting it to help kittehs in various countries not just Australia because a lot of my fans are in USA and UK) Thank you to everyone who has voted and remember you can vote once a day if you would like.

Have a magnificent monday,


  1. The fish look like lots of fun!
    We're glad that Whiskas have looked into the voting. It's not fair when people try and cheat the system.

  2. Hi

    Me and Charlie voted and have bookmarked the site so we can watch your progress to being a super Whiskas cat! GOOD LUCK WINSTON!

    That fish looks lovely - and big brother Harry is just gorgeous! Hello Harry!!

    I like how you pretended not to be interested in the fish, Winston! LOL!! Awww mean mama to use such glitzy toys as a distraction!

    But she only gives you your medications so you'll all stay healthy and happy!

    Take care

  3. Great fishies!

    We voted but will vote again, didn't realize you could so every day. We're glad they fixed the cheating!

  4. Oooh, fishies look like fun, Winston! All of our toys are mousies and sparkle balls.

  5. We see above we are not the only ones who think the mice look a bit fishy.

    Ah well, nom - bat - run- jump - nomnom. (It's all good)

  6. They are funny looking mices they look like they have scales MOL

  7. We voted again today!

    Those mousies look like fun to whap!

  8. Muahahaha! Mouse or fish? They have mouse´s body and fish´s face XD

  9. Gonna go and vote right now!

  10. PS: I voted for you on the Whiskas Contest ;-)

    Good luck!!!

  11. Hey...we gots some mousies just like those! We think they ran away and are hiding under the big cold box now!!

    We'll go vote for you again!

  12. Those mousies look like fun! I just voted for you and I will try to remember to vote every day!

  13. They look like very fun mousies. We just voted for you and will vote again.

  14. Those are some really cool mice...we voted too!

  15. Momma and me are new to blogging but we voted for you and I have the same brand of toy but it is the fishies. I however, have misplaced them and Momma hasn't found them yet. I like the way they crinkle when I bite them. I hope she finds them soon.

    Nice met you.

  16. My what nice teeth you both have! Fishy-mice toys look fun...Mommy...can we have some, please?
    We will go and vote!
    xx Lounge Kats

  17. I votes for you every day friend. Hope you are the winner.

  18. Your new toys look like a lot of fun; we're glad Harry enjoyed them too!...You boys look adorable in the photos; our Mommy would love to cuddle you both!...Happy week handsome boys...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki